Step by Step: List of free seo tools 2020 for blogger

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Seo is a very big topic that we cannot explain in a post or video and no one can teach it in rupees. What is Seo and how does it help us. Search engine optimization helps to bring our website pages, posts and all types of content to the top of Google Search Engine . 

Why can't Seo teach completely? 
Because Seo in a way force the algorithms to bring our content to the top search pages and so that no human beings misuse these algorithms and hack google, so Google keep changing their algorithms over time. We may not understand it completely but there are some points of seo which we can rank our content on search engine.

Today in this post, we will talk on the same points and show that you can rank your content using these free seo tools:


free seo tools online

Ubersuggest is the first free SEO tool on my list. This tool is created by Nila Patel. I have placed it at the top of my list of seo tools online because it is a keyword research tool that will help us find profitable and easily ranked keywords. This is not the only free tool created by neilpatel, there are many more free seo tools in our list which is made by neilpatel. Neil Patel provide not only seo tools but it provide also complete guide for seo free on article as well as video. I think Ubersuggest is better than Google keyword planner.

Seo Review Tools

free seo tools for websites

This is our second best Seo tool because it provide many features free of cost for blogger, youtube, amazon, bing etc. I think it is best for youtube keyword optimization so i add this tool in my list of free seo tools for blogger but these tools help not only in blogger they help also in other website.

Seo Tester Online

free seo optimizer tools

This tool not free completely but in free version you can use copy metrics, keyword explore, Seo Analyzer.

What is Copy Metrics?
Copy metrics check any article and content to show how much it is valuable and how much it can grow. 
Copy Metrics is not a useful seo tool for new website or blog but i add this in my list of free seo tools for websites because of other features.

Seo Analyzer by Neil Patel

free seo tools download, best free seo tools 2018

SEO Analyzer is used to analyze the website to check the development of the website. We can also use Google Analytics instead, but these tools also tell us how to develop our website but Google Analytics does not provide a guide to increase traffic.

Why this tool is on our list of free SEO tools?
Because this tool gives us the correct information of our website and guides how we can further improve it. If we know all this, then we were able to grow our website quickly and better.

Enjoy All Free Seo Tools

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