Right Now: Best Zoom alternatives for video conferencing 2020

As you have already read in the title, this is about Best Zoom alternatives for video conferencing 2020, so let's talk about it today.

As online meetings are gaining popularity in recent times, one and all schools, colleges and universities are offering online classes and other companies want to bring their work online. We are in the process of working online nowadays, so we need to know which applications are better. Zoom is one of those best options available there. But today we will talk about other best options to video conference.

Google meet

google meet vs zoom

Google Meet - formerly called Google Hangouts Meet, has been changed to Google Meet. It is a free video conferencing software. Which is made by Google and has many more features than the zoom app, you can add more than 250 participants, and many more features and they all are free. Google Meet  is one of the best alternatives to Zoom that allows you to conduct completely free online video conferences.

Microsoft team

microsoft teams zoom alternative

Microsoft Team - This is the second best zoom alternative on our list that offers you both free and paid options, but today we will tell you about the free features. The Microsoft team is created by a Microsoft company, in which you get 2 GB of users and a total of 10 GB of shared storage, which you can use in many ways in a video conference. But in the paid version you have 1TB / user. In this, you get many more features which are free.


skype vs zoom

Skype - This group video calling service gives you a reasonable usage limit of 100 hours per month, no more than 10 hours per day and a limit of 4 hours per person. If you exceed this limit your video call will be converted into an audio call. This means that you will not be able to use more than the given limit. This can be a good alternative to zoom, but it gives you a variety of time limits.

Click meeting 

click meeting vs zoom, click meeting zoom alternative

Click Meeting - This is the last name in our list of best alternatives to zoom. Click Meeting offers you both free and paid options, although it does not have many features, as it is designed keeping all small businesses in mind, you will get all the features related to small business here. If your practitioner is small or your job is for a small level like a tuition teacher, you can do it for free with a click meeting.


The best video conferencing application among all Zoom Alternatives is Google Meet because it offers all the features for free and amazing, but if you need any more features, you can choose any other app as per your requirement.

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